Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spotlight on Beach Scrapbooks

In July of 2007, the mother/daughter team of Janice Roller and Jennifer Goodwin chose a prime location - only five miles from the Virginia Beach oceanfront - to open Beach Scrapbooks.   Janice and Jennifer had been avid scrapbookers for almost a decade before they decided to share their scrappin' love with local beachcombers.

Beach Scrapbooks boasts a huge inventory of many different well-known and not-so-known scrapbooking brands, from Cosmo Criket to Carolee's Creations to Sandylion, and hundreds in between!

The brightly lit aisles and walls of Beach Scrapbooks are most definitely a scrapbooker's dream.  If, by chance, one cannot find just the right product for their latest scrapping project, the friendly and professional staff will quickly and happily place a special order.  At Beach Scrapbook, there is no such thing as an unhappy customer.  It is the beach, after all!  Jen says, "We like to think that our store is sorta like 'Cheers'...a place where everybody knows your name, and you're always glad you came.  It's our happy little place!"

And speaking of fantastic staff, Beach Scrapbooks employs eleven smiling faces, always ready to meet any scrapper's need.

These fabulous staffers spend their days not only helping customers, but also putting together "Hump Day Kits" (available each Wednesday) and crop classes.  To learn more about the kits and classes, visit the Beach Scrapbooks blog or their class schedule.

Being an Email Contact customer has been a benefit to Beach Scrapbooks because, as Jennifer says, "in this day and age, EVERYONE is online!  We are able to get our information across in a timely fashion. Plus, we're in control of WHEN it goes out and WHO the information goes to."

If you're as excited about Beach Scrapbooks as we are at Email Contact, be sure to check them out!  You can like them on Facebook, visit their website, or take a gander at their amazingly informational blog!

Thanks, Beach Scrapbooks, for being such a phenomenal Email Contact customer since 2007.

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