Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spotlight on AngelAID

When Doc and Arlene Shipley's 11-year old foster daughter, Tashia, died of AIDS as a result of being sexually abused, they did something that many people find themselves emotionally unable to do - they turned their overwhelming grief into something that has been blessing the lives of others for almost twenty years.  Doc and Arlene, because of Tashia, became aware of the struggles and even nightmarish circumstances that many children face on a daily basis.  From this knowledge and their personal experience, AngelAID was born.

AngelAID is a foundation for children with life-threatening diseases or situations.  It is 100% volunteer-based, with no paid employees and no government funding.  All of the foundation's expenses are paid for through donations and the sales from their thrift store, the AngelAID Thrift Super Center. This larger thrift store was opened a little over a year ago and is flourishing, thanks to the warm hearts and open minds of the people of Jacksonville, FL.   Thousands of AngelKIDS have been the recipients of Christmas gifts, holiday dinners, free medical care and even housing, thanks to AngelAID.   Arlene says, "I am touched and amazed every single day by our AngelKIDS.  I could tell you a thousand stories and make a room full of grown men cry."

Tashia and Doc

When the Shipleys decided to open the Super Thrift Store, Doc also decided that the time was right to create a weekly newsletter and a 10-20 page update to the website each and every week.  What an overwhelming task!  They chose an email marketing company that they thought would fit their needs, but soon found that the expense and hidden add-ons were too much for the foundation to cover.  After seeing that her local scrapbooking company, Pictures in Time, was using Email Contact, Arlene decided to make the switch.  She says that she immediately saved half the cost of her previous company and loved the flexibility of being able to add more articles at no extra charge.  It was also much easier for her to use and to understand, giving her more time to spend at the store and working on the website.

At Email Contact, our hearts and lives have been touched in getting to know more about AngelAID.  What a blessing the Shipleys and their volunteers are.  They truly are angels here on earth.

To get to know more about AngelAID, check out their website and look for opportunities to donate or volunteer at the Thrift Store.

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