Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spotlight on Express The Moment

There's no question that the Theory of Evolution can be a polarizing subject, with strong opinions emerging both for and against.  When it comes to Business Evolution, however, there really is no doubting that the positives far outweigh the negatives.  Express the Moment, an online scrapbooking store, offers irrefutable evidence to that fact.

What started as a job for Kim Rose quickly evolved into class organization, which in turn grew into one of the largest Scrapbooking Expos in the state of Idaho.  From that expo, Kim's retail store experience was launched.  Gradually, as she saw the need, Express the Moment changed from a storefront to an online-only experience, serving the needs of scrapbookers far beyond the jagged borders of Idaho.

Because ETM is solely an online store, the overall cost of running the business is lower, allowing the products to be priced at 50% - 75% below most retail scrapbooking outlets.  Without the upkeep of a storefront, Kim can focus more of her time and energies on making each customer's shopping experience truly delightful.

Although the products are the main focus at ETM, there is also much emphasis on scrapbooking projects themselves.  Customers can choose to belong to one or all four of the kit clubs that are offered each month at ETM.  There are Moments Scrapbooking Kits, Recipe Club Kits, Expressions Card Kits and Page of the Month kits, with instructions and ideas on how to use the fabulous items that come in each one.

Moments Scrapbooking Club Kits
Expressions Card Club Kits
Recipe Club Kits
Page of the Month Club Kits
As amazing as these kits are, Kim is quick to note that she is not alone in their creation, assembly, or shipment.  Kim is assisted by two part-time designers, Amanda Gibson and Nancy Keller, who share her passion for scrapbooking.  She also credits her husband and three children with giving her the support and hands-on help that she has needed to keep this business running for eleven years.

Kim, Darren ("the rock"), and their three children
Kim is so grateful for the help that each of her family members give, from cutting paper to assembling kits, to setting up at Expo.  "It is impossible to express in words the love and gratitude I feel towards each of them."

She also praises Email Contact for helping ETM grow through the years.  "The smaller stores have now all closed, but ETM is going strong with a loyal following.  I know Email Contact has helped accomplish that!"  Kim has used Email Contact to send newsletters and Expo announcements since 2006.  We couldn't be happier to play a small part in the evolution of Express the Moment.  Thank YOU Kim, for bringing us along for the ride!

To learn more about Express the Moment, be sure to visit their webpage or "like" them on Facebook.  ETM will give a freebie to anyone who likes them on Facebook and mentions that Email Contact sent them, so head on over there right now!!

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