Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spotlight on Memories Forever Scrapbooking

We've all heard the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", but most of us probably haven't had the opportunity to make lemonade as sweet and refreshing as has Ethel Moore of Memories Forever Scrapbooking.  When her husband was critically injured on the job, Ethel became his primary caregiver, taking care of any need both day and night.  These were exhausting times, and Ethel had little or no time for herself.  It was during this trial that her daughter introduced her to the world of scrapbooking.  This is something that could be done at her husband's bedside, within reach of anything that he might need, but it also gave Ethel a much-needed creative outlet.   It wasn't long, however, with mounting medical bills, that Ethel soon discovered that the little extras in her life needed to be sacrificed.  The cost of scrapbooking supplies soon became too much of a burden, and the hobby had to be put on hold.

About four years later, Ethel decided to start again.  Only this time, she thought she could support her newfound hobby by selling supplies on eBay.  Though she discovered this to be a fun and rewarding endeavor, she still found that the cost of buying scrapbooking supplies was prohibitive.  She simply could not afford to purchase them and then mark them up enough to make a profit online.  Instead of putting all the supplies back into the closet, this time Ethel decided to change the very thing that was making scrapbooking so difficult for her - the price.  She got a business license and was able to purchase things at wholesale prices.  She found it unbelievable how much the supplies she bought in the previous years had been marked up.

As a testimony to Ethel's love for scrapbooking and her desire to share this love with those around her, she started selling discounted scrapbooking supplies out of her garage.  She would hold yard sales, selling brand new supplies at deeply discounted prices.  This became such a hit that soon Ethel was holding cropping classes in her home.  With door prizes and friendships, it's no wonder that Ethel's place was so popular.

In July of 2010, a storefront became available.  With her husband's blessing, Ethel opened Memories Forever Scrapbooking the next month.  Ethel knows what it's like to pay sky-high prices for scrapbooking supplies, and so she vowed from the moment that her doors opened she would keep the prices low enough that any aspiring scrapper would feel comfortable looking around her shelves.  Ethel says, "I did not want to become rich.  I just wanted to help people out that were like me and could not afford high-priced items."

True to this idea, Memories Forever opens its 2200 square foot cropping room to any organization who would like to do a scrapbooking fundraiser, at no cost.  When this scrapbooker's dream room isn't being used for fundraising, one can find it full of scrappers participating in one of the many low-cost classes offered by Memories Forever.  There are nine instructors, teaching everything from Stampscapes to card making to paper crafting.

One of the most popular classes is the Card Marathon.  For $15, anyone can come and make as many cards as humanly possible in the two hour window.

Ethel uses Email Contact to send a bi-weekly newsletter to her customers, letting them know what's happening in the store.  By keeping in touch, the customers are always aware of any specials or upcoming class dates.

Ethel and her husband have truly learned to make lemonade out life's lemons, and they are willing to share that lemonade with everyone!  Memories Forever is offering a 10% discount above their already discounted prices for anyone who mentions Email Contact.  This is a one time offer, so be sure to take advantage!

To learn more about Memories Forever Scrapbooking, visit their website or like them on Facebook.


  1. I would just like to say that this is a wonderfully written story about a great couple that we are thrilled to have crossed paths with. Ethel and Ken have provided my sister and I with an opportunity to share our creative gifts and we are grateful to them for that. Not only have we made great friends at "Memories Forever" but it gives us a reason to spend more time together doing what we love.

    Pat & Debbie
    "Card Marathon Teachers"

  2. Ethel and Ken are wonderful to their and all of us who come through their store. I see them continuing for a long time! They make everyone feel so welcomed and special. Their instructors are great! I love the ideas that are passed onto all of us.
    As Pat and Debbie stated we are ALL making some wonderful friends and we all being encouraged to do what we all love doing!
    Ethel...Ken your the best!! Continued success!!
    Mary and Eddie