Thursday, June 23, 2011

About Us!

Every family has a story to tell, and every close family needs a way to stay connected.  From phone calls to those much anticipated Christmas card family update letters, we're always looking for ways to bridge the miles between us.  This very idea is how Email Contact started.

“We built Email Contact from
the ground up with no corporate
structure, no unnecessary features.
The result? The world's easiest
email marketing tool. Enjoy!”
In 2002, Jason Holladay was approached by none other than Jimmy Osmond, the youngest member of one of the most famous and successful performing families in recent history.  The Osmonds, at that time, were nearing 50 years in show business, and Jimmy's mother was looking for an easy way to stay in touch with their legions of fans.  Jimmy asked Jason to create an online email newsletter so that Olive would be able to keep the fans up to date on anything newsworthy happening within the Osmond family.  Of course, Jason was happy to oblige Mrs. Osmond and created his first newsletter template.

When Jason realized what a fantastic and useful tool this would be, he couldn't wait to share it with everyone around him.   He first approached a business-owner friend and told him that he should start collecting emails from his customers.  This particular friend was extremely business savvy, and mentioned to Jason that he should create a website from which other business owners could choose different templates and create their own email newsletters.  Jason loved this idea and decided to approach another friend, Brian Cressall, who was a computer programmer.  "His first thought", said Jason, "was that no one would pay to use email".  After all, email marketing - even such a short time ago - was not considered a viable option.  After weighing the benefits of a paid email service, Brian decided to take a leap of faith and partnered with Jason to form what is now know as Email Contact.

The early years of Email Contact were very "grassroots".  Jason literally walked mile after mile - talking to business owners, using a flip chart, trying to convince them of the benefits of email marketing.  He talked about cost effectiveness and time efficiency.  But it didn't seem like anyone was interested.   Giving up was not an option.  Jason just knew that he had an excellent product and that eventually people would catch on.  And finally they did.  When the local Chamber of Commerce expressed their desire to go paperless, he jumped at the chance to tell them about his service.  The Chamber wholeheartedly agreed that they could use Email Contact to their advantage, and soon other Chambers around the state and then around the country started signing up.

Soon, there was a map of the United States on Jason's office wall, complete with pushpins to mark the locations of each of his customers.  One of the very first Email Contact success stories was a local scrapbooking company.  The owner had been attempting to use email to reach his customers for some time, but with very little success.  Jason asked him to try using some of the templates from Email Contact.  Within days, the owner of the scrapbooking store reported that he had received an incredible response to the new newsletter.  The interesting thing was that the content was exactly the same as the emails he had previously sent.  The only difference was that, with the templates, his email now had a polished and professional look that appealed to his customer base.  Through word of mouth, the service began to spread like wildfire.  Other scrapbooking companies signed up, and then crafting companies.  The clientele started to become more and more diverse, with hotels, resorts, non-profit and religious organizations realizing the benefits of email marketing.  Through the years, restaurants, retail stores, fitness facilities and spas have also joined the Email Contact family.  There really isn't a market that Email Contact hasn't touched.

The United States map has long been replaced with a World Map, as Email Contact has made its way overseas and into various foreign countries.  With a staff of designers, writers and programmers, Jason is past his days of door-knocking and flip-charts.   Email Contact continues to grow exponentially each year, and we look forward to playing a small part in the success story of each of our customers' businesses.

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