Friday, August 26, 2011

Spotlight on Bling Bling Poochies

Who said that humans should have a corner on the couture clothing and accessories market?  That's just the question that Sherry and her business partner asked themselves four years ago.  They both loved dogs and they were both very discerning shoppers, so they decided to go into the doggy couture business, and Bling Bling Poochies was born.

When it comes to chic and trendy styles for dogs, Bling Bling Poochies is by far the best place to shop online for designer-inspired clothing for your four-legged friend.  For anyone lucky enough to own a fashion-conscious poochie, the world of designer dog clothes and accessories offered is a portal to a pet fashion wonderland.  With Bling Bling Poochies, your dog will never want to go naked again.

It's easy to get lost for hours while browsing the selection of canine couture.  From Lillie Vanillie (LV) and Chanilly to Ed Hardly and Goochie, Bling Bling Poochies has your dog covered.  The all-inclusive online store has apparel, collars, carriers and accessories for any dog, large or small.  The handy size chart will help ensure the perfect fit, and don't forget to take a peek at the scrapbook of customer-submitted photos.

And speaking of customer-submitted photos, Bling Bling Poochies hosts a monthly "Poochie Idol" Contest.  Using their email newsletter to promote the contest to over 7500 of its loyal customers, Bling Bling Poochies has seen a remarkable increase in their newsletter open rate.

"We have had tremendous response and gained tons of new customers because they pass our newsletter on to friends and family to vote", says owner Sherry.  What a fantastic example of interest-driven marketing!  Way to go, Bling Bling Poochies!

If you'd like to learn more about this fantastic company, please visit their website:

or give them a call at 1-866-602-9012.  Sherry has generously offered a discount to all Email Contact Customers who use the special code BBP1 at checkout.  This will give you a whopping 15% off your ENTIRE purchase.

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