Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spotlight on Scrap n' Art

When we become passionate about something, we want to share it with the world. That is exactly what Angela Pruitt decided to do! She created Scrap n’ Art Online Magazine as a way of sharing her love of crafting and scrapbooking.

Scrap n’ Art made its debut in February of 2008. What began as a print quality downloadable publication with only 50 pages, soon began to grow quickly! In 2009, Angela brought Candy Rosenberg on board as a designer, and in January of 2010, Candy took over the publication of Scrap n’ Art. In November of the same year, the magazine had grown to over 150 pages, and decisions had to be made about either reducing the size of the magazine or taking it completely online where there would be no boundaries. Thankfully they decided to grow!

Scrap n’ Art is all about information, inspiration and education. They are a traditional and digital scrapbooking, mixed media and paper crafting magazine. The publication is in an easy to read, print and PDF format that is published monthly. Each month they provide full editorials on different companies. Their goal is to balance the issue with new and upcoming companies as well as the older more established companies. They also give tutorials and digital downloads that are educational, and exclusive to their subscribers. Scrap n’ Art wants to make sure they give their customers all the information that they can on products, companies and techniques. Content and education is their number one priority! Plus they provide the convenience of the CLICK N’ SHOP feature that allows the customer to shop right from the article. Now that’s what I call user friendly!

Scrap n’ Art has utilized Email Contact for quite some time, and uses it to reach out to their subscribers and non subscribers. Scrap n’ Art notifies them of when the upcoming issue will be ready, and all the great things they will be able to expect. Recently, they have added a mid month newsletter to let their subscribers know about giveaways and special offers that their featured companies are offering only to Scrap n’ Art’s mailing list. Candy says “Email Contact is so easy to use, and our subscribers tell us how much they love our newsletters all the time! This makes us very happy.” Well, Candy, this makes us happy too!

Scrap n’ Art has generously offered to extend an exclusive offer to the customers of Email Contact. Follow this link to and register for three FREE months of this wonderful magazine! It’s really easy to do! When you get to the payment screen, enter the promotional code: emailcontact. There are no strings attached, and no payment information is required!

To learn more about this awesome magazine, visit their webpage.

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