Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spotlight on Little Dress Up Shop

Playing dress-up was one of my favorite games when I was a little girl. I could do or become anything. Sticks would magically turn into wands, a broom would become a horse and my mother’s freshly washed towels transformed into superhero capes. Things have changed very little over the years. Children still have amazing imaginations that take them to fantasy worlds, but now they no longer have to imagine a towel as a cape or a stick as a magic wand. Today, if my daughter wants to be a fairy or a doctor, I can buy her a costume to go with her make-believe games.

Seven years ago Lindsay and Brian Bills were expecting their first child. Lindsay wanted a job that would be flexible and allow her to stay at home with their new baby. They started looking for a product they could sell, and found a local supplier of children’s dress-up clothes. They fell in love with how adorable and comfortable the dress-ups were, and how well they were made. They decided to sell the dress-ups online, and the Little Dress Up Shop was born! The online company caters to little boys and girls that love to play dress-up. They have everything from princess to pirate. Also, if you are a parent that loves to play make-believe with your child, they have costumes in adult sizes as well.

Lindsay and Brian make sure that the dress-ups they sell are of the highest quality. They want their customers to be satisfied with their purchase, so they only sell products that they would buy for their own children. In fact, all of their dress-ups have been tested by their children. If their children don’t love it, they don’t sell it. The fabrics they use are soft and don’t have the itchy underskirts that drive kids insane. They don’t have Velcro or zippers to snag fabric, or tiny buttons to frustrate little fingers. They come in multiple sizes to get the fit just right, and slip over the child’s head like a shirt to be easily put on or taken off. Best of all, they are machine washable, as opposed to the costumes you buy in a store that say “wipe clean only.”|

The Little Dress Up Shop uses Email Contact to let their customers know about new products they have available, what is on sale and what is going on at the Little Dress Up Shop. Lindsay says “Email contact has been a great way for us to organize our email lists so we can target the right people with our communications. We have also loved being able to look back at past emails and make decisions based on responses from those emails. Sending emails has been a great way to inform our customers and allow them to pass on the emails to new potential customers.”

To learn more about this delightfully charming company, visit their website or “like” them on Facebook. Have a little fun and go play dress-up. See where your imagination takes you!

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