Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spotlight on Scrappin Hearts

Take an adventure in scrapbooking with Scrappin


Scrappin Hearts was started in 2007 by the mother and daughter team of Meredith LaFleur and Cindy Coleman. “We went to a scrapbooking class, really enjoyed it, and got interested!!! It wasn't long after that when we decided to open a store, and here we are today.” Thankfully they stumbled upon this great hobby, because at Scrappin Hearts Meredith and Cindy offer you something more than the average scrapbooking store. They offer their customers a personal touch. They are always ready and willing to show you how to use a scrapbooking tool or gizmo so you won’t feel overwhelmed. The instructions on the package might do, but why not sit down with Meredith or Cindy and chat about ideas, tips, tricks and learn how to use it before you get home.

Scrappin Hearts has everything a scrapbook lover could ever want. Some of the many products they have to offer in their store are albums, chipboard, embellishments, organizational items, paper, stickers, tools, markers and pens to name a few. They also personalize many different products such as napkins, match books, balloons, pencils and hand make wedding and graduation invitations. Scrappin Hearts offers scrapbooking classes, retreats to The Wooden Spoke Ranch and has a circuit club that meets once a month. Check out their calendar for upcoming classes and events, and find something that interests you!

Meredith and Cindy utilize Email Contact to let their customers know about sales and different promotions that are going on at the store. Scrappin Hearts sends newsletters out once or twice a month.

To learn more about this fantastic business, visit their website, or better yet, check out their store because they are generously offering a 15% discount off one item to all Email Contact readers.

5409 4th St. Ste. L

Lubbock, TX 79416

Phone: 806-799-3811

Friday, February 17, 2012

Spotlight on Treasured Memories

Capturing the moments of our lives so we can remember them forever is something the majority of us do. Whether we use a camera phone, a point and shoot or a fancy DSLR, almost every household in America owns a digital camera of some kind. Also, sadly, what many of us do with the precious moments that we capture with our camera is put them in a box and forget about them. Now, we no longer have an excuse for hiding our memories in a box. Treasured Memories of Cody, Wyoming offers us numerous options available to showcase our pictures.

Treasured Memories was started by Dan and Sandy Gray in 2009. They have more than 30 years’ experience working in the photo industry in retail and for different camera manufacturer like Yashika/Cantax, Leica, Durst and Maniya. Their expertise extends beyond the inner workings of a camera. They also have experience with the artistic side of photography shooting weddings, special events, family portraits and the Cody Nite Rodeo. While Dan has a degree in photography and is an experienced educator and framer, Sandy is a scrapbook instructor certified by EK Success and certified by Larsen Juhl in custom framing. With all of Dan and Sandy’s experience and knowledge combined they are able to help their customers with any photo related request.

Treasured Memories is a mecca for the photo enthusiast. Their sign may say ‘custom framing and scrapbooking,’ but they do so much more. They can help their customers with any questions about photos since they have such an extensive background in the photo industry. Just a few of the many products and services they offer are custom framing, transferring video to DVD, printing images up to 40” wide, photo restoration, scrapbooking supplies and putting images on various products such as mugs, tiles, granite, iPod cases and balloons. Also, if you are interested in a new camera, although they do not stock cameras, they will help you choose a camera, order it for you, and provide lessons on how to use your new camera.

Treasured Memories uses Email Contact to send monthly newsletters and the occasional reminder postcard for special events and store hours. Sandy says, “Email contact helps me keep in touch with our customers to let them know about new products, services, events and classes.”

To learn more about this awesome company, visit their website, or ‘like’ them on Facebook. They are located at 316 Yellowstone Avenue, Cody, WY 82414. Treasured Memories has generously offered a 10% discount on your next order to anyone who mentions seeing their Spotlight! What a great deal!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spotlight on Bags Bags and More Bags

Handbag, purse, clutch, whatever you want to call it, women love them! We have a different handbag for every season, we have fancy handbags for special occasions, we have durable handbags for vacations and many of us have a different handbag to match every outfit we own! Don’t deny it, you know you do!

This passion was especially strong for Lady B. She loves handbags, and like many of us deplores the outrageous prices that a beautiful bag can cost. So, in November of 2011 Lady B. bit the bullet and started building inventory, and Bags Bags and More Bags was born. At Bags Bags and More Bags, Lady B. and her staff know that first impressions are key in the business and social world and they choose each bag that goes in their inventory with the view that ‘I’d carry it myself.’ If Lady B. doesn’t love the bag, she won’t sell the bag on her site. Each bag is examined and evaluated as worthy to be sold to her customers.

“We work directly with manufacturers so we are able to pass the savings on to you. All of our handbags are in stock and ship within 48 hours.”

If you are in the market for a new handbag, and women always are, Bags Bags and More Bags has what you are looking for. They carry a large selection of handbags including designer inspired bags, evening bags, clutches, velour bags, quilted bags, ruffle bags, flower bags, vinyl bags, spy bags, wallets and accessories galore. Bags Bags and More Bags even has an innovative idea for the wedding industry. They want to replace the ceremonial bridesmaid’s flowers with gorgeous, flowery small handbags that each bridesmaid can carry down the aisle. The ‘wedding handbag’ would also double as a bridesmaid gift that could add to her wardrobe. Whatever your reason for buying a new handbag, if you are having trouble deciding which of their fabulous bags to choose from, or can't seem to find exactly what you are looking for just let them know. They recognize their customers have different needs, and they want to help you find that perfect item from their wide selection of brands, styles, and designs. Lady B. and her staff are there every day via phone or email to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

“We stand behind our products and are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns. Our free shipping offer, secure shopping system and privacy policy are testament to our commitment to offering the highest level of customer service.”

Bags Bags and More Bags is a new customer to Email Contact. They just sent out their first newsletter in order to connect with their clients. Lady B. says, “The best thing about Email Contact is the fact we now have a way to capture our visitors on a list for future marketing.” We are thrilled to have Bags Bags and More Bags join the Email Contact family!

Well, stop wasting time and go to Bags Bags and More Bags' website and check out their handbags. You know you want too, and with their prices and the generous discount they are offering Email Contact readers, you will be able to afford more than one! The coupon code is Valentine 2012 and the discount is over and above the Valentine special going on site-wide thru Valentine’s Day. Happy shopping ladies!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spotlight on I Luv Scrapbooking

“Happiness does not come from possessions; it comes from leading a satisfying life.”

The warmth of a smile, the innocence of a child as they take your hand, the pride you feel at your son’s graduation and the joy on the face of your daughter as she gets married. These are just a few of the moments in life that you cherish the most. These memories need to be preserved and protected for future generations. Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to do that. It keeps you connected to people, events, places and experiences that thread together the ups and downs of your life. You'll go through so many things in your life, and if you miss out on recording these precious memories, "once it's gone, it's gone."

Debbie Richard realized the importance of protecting the past, and seven years ago I Luv Scrapbooking was born. Not only is scrapbooking a great creative outlet for protecting some of our most memorable moments, but Debbie also understood that scrapbooking provides other benefits as well. Scrapbooking stimulates the mind while helping to relieve stress. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you look at a completed page or book, and can also be a great family activity that can open up communication and lead to a closer family unit. Also, by attending one of the numerous crops that I Luv Scrapbooking hosts each year, scrapbooking can also be a great way to socialize and meet new people. These are all benefits that can lead to a healthier happier you!

I Luv Scrapbooking has a lot to offer the impassioned scrapbooker. If you are a beginner starting your first album, they will have exactly what you need and classes to get you started. If you are a veteran scrapbooker, they also offer classes that build on the knowledge you already have. Some of the many classes and events that are offered at I Luv Scrapbooking include a class for kids, book embossing, circuit classes, advanced coloring and techniques, crops and digital scrapbooking. Check out their calendar of upcoming events and classes to see what interests you.

I Luv Scrapbooking uses Email Contact to reach out to their customers on a regular basis. They keep their customers up to date on classes, crops, sales and upcoming retreats.

To get to know more about this creative company, visit their website or ‘like’ them on Facebook. Better yet, visit the store in person. If you’re looking for a great way to meet new friends and get some scrapbooking done, I Luv Scrapbooking is featuring a Friday Freeze in February where you and a friend can crop for $15 on Friday night from 4 p.m. to midnight. The price includes snacks and beverages. Hurry and reserve your spot today!

31645 Southfield Rd. Ste. A

Beverly Hills, MI 48025.

Phone: 248-880-8107