Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spotlight on Mary Bianca Wellness

In recent years more and more people are turning to natural remedies to take care of their medical ailments, and Mary Bianca Wellness is helping to lead that charge.  The Aloe Ferox plant is fast becoming one of the top natural remedies for a variety of skin conditions and various medical ailments.  The medicinal qualities of aloe have been noted since ancient times, and over the ages the tribes of South Africa have used Aloe Ferox in relieving their maladies and for general well-being.
 The Aloe Ferox plant has a wide range of medicinal uses.  Aloe Juices, gels and the bitter crystals derived from the plant help with anti-aging, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood circulation, cleanse the digestive system, aid in detoxification of the body, improve the immune system, aid in skin rejuvenation, are anti-inflammatory, relieve pain and promote well-being.  Aloe Ferox is proclaimed to be a “pharmacy in a single plant!” 

The advantage of using an Aloe Ferox product is when aloe is added to a cosmetic product it improves penetration in the deepest layers of the skin. This means that whatever essential oils or other nutritive ingredients you have in the formula of your moisturizer will become more effective.  Aloe is also renowned for its rejuvenating qualities and helps fight against aging of the skin. The bitters of the aloe have been used traditionally for detoxification of the body and have been found to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

One of the really great things about the Aloe Ferox plant is that it is harvested directly in the wild in its natural habitat in South Africa.  There are no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and the plant is not harmed in any way during the harvesting process.

Mary Bianca Wellness boasts an extensive line of Aloe Ferox products.  They have lotions, supplements, gels, and body wash for the skin care of men and women.  Soothing balms, shampoos, lotions, gels and tea for baby care. They have products to care for your hair.  Shower gels, soothing oils, lotions and moisturizers for bath care.  For vitality they have juices, bitter crystals and aloe tea.  They also carry products for your pet’s health care!

Mary Bianca uses Email Contact to send out a monthly newsletter that helps them stay in contact with their customers and keep them updated on their products.  

If you would like to learn more about this amazing plant and what it could do for you, visit the Mary Bianca website, or ‘like them on Facebook.  This was only the tip of the Aloe iceberg, so check out Mary Bianca today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spotlight on House of Tatouage


The hottest new trends in interior design are wall words and tatouage murals. Most of us have been in a home or office that had a catchy phrase painted on the wall.  Some of us have seen bedroom walls turned into a jungle or the bottom of the ocean. Traditionally these were reserved for the more upscale homes due to the cost involved in having a professional artist come and paint your walls.  Now, however, we can achieve the same professional looking results with significantly less cost and effort by using tatouage.  Tatouage is a home decor product made of a high resolution dry rub transfer. It can be applied to almost any hard surface, especially walls.  Tatouage is used without any fumes, glue, water, paint and especially without any mess!

Angela Bowker discovered a passion for these products when she put them in her new home.  She loved them so much and received so many compliments on her wall décor that she just had to get involved in helping others have the same type of experience.  So, eight years ago House of Tatouage was born.

House of Tatouage has a wide range of non-toxic and environmentally safe wall décor products to offer. Just some of the many products that they carry include word art phrases, Disney decals and murals, wall borders, peel and stick decals and decorative window décor that gives you a great way to add privacy to ordinary windows, glass doors, and shower enclosures.  Some of their tatouage designs include forest themes, garden themes, trees, tropical themes, underwater themes, animals and architectural elements to name a few.  They have something for every room in a house or place of business.  Check out House of Tatouage today and before you know it, you could easily turn your child’s room into an undersea adventure land or a field full of flowers.
House of Tatouage uses Email Contact to send out newsletters once a week to notify their customers of special sales, new designs and contests they are having on their website.  They also use their newsletters to periodically offer special promotions to their customer database that the normal visitor will not see when they visit the website.  Angela says, “It has been a great blessing to have such a quick and easy means to communicate our weekly specials, new designs or special contests to our customers. It has also allowed us to increase our customer base as our newsletters are forwarded to others and as visitors are able to sign up on our site instantly for our notices.”
If you would like to learn more about this amazing company or browse through their wonderful products and designs, check out their webpage or ‘like’ them on Facebook.  House of Tatouage has generously offered a 20% discount to all Email Contact readers.  Just enter the coupon code ‘Spotlight’ during checkout to receive your discount.  Hurry and give your home a touch of personality that will turn your neighbors green with envy!