Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spotlight on Cherrywood Fabrics

Sewers and quilters are always on an endless quest to find the right fabric.  They walk into a fabric store and look at every bolt of fabric trying to find the right shade or print to use in their current and future projects.  Cherrywood Fabrics has made that quest a little easier with their exclusive line of hand-dyed fabric featuring the look of suede.

Cherrywood Fabrics was started in the basement of Dawn Hall, who passed away ten years ago.  Dawn had taken a class in hand-dyeing and she started to bring some of her work with her to quilt shows, and it took off from there.  Cherrywood Fabrics is now owned by Karla Overland and Linda Arganbright, and has grown to include a new website called Che FAB.  Cherrywood Fabrics is now located in a large, old house where they ship fabric all over the world.  Karla and Linda sell mainly to quilters, designers, textile artists and quilt shops.  They do not operate a retail store front, so check out their websites or the various quilt shows they attend every year.

Cherrywood Fabrics applies their privately designed line of colors to high quality fabrics to offer their customers the best product for their creative needs.   The hand dyeing process they’ve developed produces a beautiful tone-on-tone texture that reads as a solid, but has depth and variety not found in other solids.  They come up with all the color combinations and develop all of the dye formulas themselves.  They are able to dye up to 200 yards of fabric a day.  There are no machines involved in the making of these beautiful fabrics and there isn’t a commercially printed fabric out there that can compare to the richness and softness of Cherrywood. 

They sell their fabric in bundles of 4 or 8 different colors that are dyed in gradation.  The bundles can be purchased as fat quarters, ½ yard or full yard.  Cherrywood Fabrics also carries yardage in cotton, rayon and corduroy fabric.  Their product line doesn’t stop with fabric!  They also sell hand-dyed shirts that have the look of suede, patterns and kits, variegated thread and ‘cherry rolls.’

Cherrywood Fabrics uses Email Contact to send newsletters to their customers once a month.  They let their customers know about the new colorways they have developed, the new patterns and kits they have added to their inventory, and announce any promotional events and include a schedule of where they can be seen.  Karla said, “We get people signing up for our newsletter every day.  Before this, we had no means to reach out and get a message to customers spread all over the world. Not everyone can get to see us at a quilt show, and this is the best way to still provide customer service to people.”

If you would like to read more about this fascinating company, or check out their beautiful line of fabrics, visit their website, or ‘like’ them on Facebook.  Who knows, they might just have the fabric you’ve been searching for!  Cherrywood Fabrics has generously offered to send a FREE charm pack of 5” squares from their exclusive “Minnesota Bundle” to anyone who mentions the code EC412 when placing an order on Che FAB or Cherrywood Fabrics websites.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spotlight on Best Single Travel


Are the walls closing in?  Is your boss driving you up a wall?  Do you need a vacation, but your friends never have any money, time, or just don’t want to travel?  Well, Best Single Travel has the cure for that!  Best Single Travel caters to a unique clientele - the single traveler.  Few of us like to travel alone, and now you don’t have to.  If you book your vacation through Best Single Travel you can join other singles and solo travelers on an exciting singles vacation.

Sheryl Weinberger started Best Single Travel 5 years ago after a friend could not make it on a planned vacation to Singapore.  This left Sheryl alone to travel through a foreign country.  Eating and sightseeing by herself is not her idea of a vacation so she started Best Single Travel so no one, including Sheryl, would ever have to travel alone.

Best Single Travel offers diverse vacations for singles or solo travelers.  There are tours available for students and young professionals between the ages of 18-35, and there are also tours for the 30s, 40s, 50s and active 60s.  Best Single Travel also has a vacation to match your personal travel interest such as taking a cruise, a cooking vacation, a Jewish vacation or taking an adventure trip skiing, sailing, horseback riding, painting or a singles safari.  Best Single Travel has many tour destinations in the U.S.A, international and worldwide.

“From Australia to Switzerland, Russia to the United States and everything in between – Best Single Travel can help get you inside 32 of the world’s most intriguing countries, and with 100+ itineraries, you’re sure to find the perfect trip.  You’ll be stunned by the pyramids in Egypt, breathless after climbing the Eiffel Tower in France and exhilarated after bungee jumping in Australia.  The world is full of incredible destinations, each with hundreds of different sights, sounds, tastes and smells which help form your own vacation experience.”

Best Single Travel utilizes Email Contact to send out biweekly emails to their 19,000+ singles.  They keep their singles up to date with the latest sales and the newest vacations.

If you want to learn more about this unique and fascinating company, check out their website, or ‘like’ them on Facebook.  Be sure to read their ‘Sales and Specials’ page to find the latest deals and discounts!   

“When you vacation with Best Singles Travel, you never travel alone!”

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spotlight on Bargain Bill's

If you are like me, you dread going shopping because it means having to drive all over town to get everything on your list.  Well, Bargain Bill’s has found a cure for this problem!  With their 110,000 square foot group of retail stores, they are definitely the one stop shop!

The Main Store is the store that started it all!  Bargain Bill’s Main Store includes something for everyone.  Because of all the liquidations and closeouts that Bargain Bill brings to the store, you’ll find useful, unusual and unique items.  They carry a wide array of products, ranging from grocery items all the way to an occasional load of white boards.  Many of the items you will see when you look across the store include cleaning supplies, lawn and garden, textiles, glassware, toys, books, health and beauty products, painting supplies, tape and tarps just to name a few.  They also get frequent loads of unusual products arriving at their store.  In the past they have had ceramic arms and hands, balloon molds, authentic metal military ammo boxes, wooden axe and hammer handles and bowling pins!

If you thought the Main Store had it all, you would be wrong!  About ten years after the Main Store opened its doors, Bargain Bill decided to add a 20,000 square foot Craft Store.  This store is a mecca for crafters, scrapbookers and hobbyists alike.  They have over 125 racks of scrap booking papers, thousands of stickers, rubber stamps, albums, beads and jewelry making supplies, soap and candle making kits, wedding supplies, yarn, tulle and much much more!  If you are a hobbyist, they carry Balsa Wood, Crafting plywood, dowel sticks, and wooden items such as balls, bowling pins, wheels, letters, animals and more!  You’ll see engravers, versa-tools, wood burning supplies, upholstery nails, sewing notions, paints, mod podge and RIT dyes.  No matter what your hobby, Bargain Bill’s has all the supplies you will need and the classes to show you how to do it!

Over the years other stores have been added as well.  After the Craft Store, Bargain Bill added The Floor Store.  They carry a large in-stock selection of quality residential and commercial flooring.  Some of the many products they carry include carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, ceramic tile, area rugs and indoor-outdoor supplies. You can even special order from the enormous selection of samples they have for you to look through.  The Floor Store also has factory-trained sales professionals that are ready to assist you with all of your flooring needs.  Be sure to compare at The Floor Store before you buy!
Connected to The Floor Store, is Yabba Furniture Company.  Yabba Furniture carries the top names in furniture such as Broyhill, Lane, LaCrosse, Best Home Furnishings, Furniture Traditions, Serta, and many others.  Along with their great selection of furniture, Yabba also carries a wide variety of decorating accessories for your home.  Not only does Yabba Furniture have what you are looking for to make your house a home, they also offer special ordering, financing and delivery too.

For those of you who love to toil away your time in the dirt, Bargain Bill’s has a store for you as well.  The Greenhouse is open from late April into June.  Don’t waste time!  Spring is upon us and the flowers are already starting to sprout.  Check out what the Greenhouse has to offer you!
Bargain Bill’s uses Email Contact to send newsletters to their customers.  Their newsletters showcase upcoming events, special items in the store and the newest finds.  Bargain Bill’s says, “Customers love receiving our newsletters.”

If you want to learn more about this outstanding company, check out their website or ‘like’ them on Facebook.  Better yet, visit this mammoth group of stores and find everything on your shopping list and a little more.

Bargain Bill’s
2106 19th Street
Rice Lake WI 54868