Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spotlight on Cherrywood Fabrics

Sewers and quilters are always on an endless quest to find the right fabric.  They walk into a fabric store and look at every bolt of fabric trying to find the right shade or print to use in their current and future projects.  Cherrywood Fabrics has made that quest a little easier with their exclusive line of hand-dyed fabric featuring the look of suede.

Cherrywood Fabrics was started in the basement of Dawn Hall, who passed away ten years ago.  Dawn had taken a class in hand-dyeing and she started to bring some of her work with her to quilt shows, and it took off from there.  Cherrywood Fabrics is now owned by Karla Overland and Linda Arganbright, and has grown to include a new website called Che FAB.  Cherrywood Fabrics is now located in a large, old house where they ship fabric all over the world.  Karla and Linda sell mainly to quilters, designers, textile artists and quilt shops.  They do not operate a retail store front, so check out their websites or the various quilt shows they attend every year.

Cherrywood Fabrics applies their privately designed line of colors to high quality fabrics to offer their customers the best product for their creative needs.   The hand dyeing process they’ve developed produces a beautiful tone-on-tone texture that reads as a solid, but has depth and variety not found in other solids.  They come up with all the color combinations and develop all of the dye formulas themselves.  They are able to dye up to 200 yards of fabric a day.  There are no machines involved in the making of these beautiful fabrics and there isn’t a commercially printed fabric out there that can compare to the richness and softness of Cherrywood. 

They sell their fabric in bundles of 4 or 8 different colors that are dyed in gradation.  The bundles can be purchased as fat quarters, ½ yard or full yard.  Cherrywood Fabrics also carries yardage in cotton, rayon and corduroy fabric.  Their product line doesn’t stop with fabric!  They also sell hand-dyed shirts that have the look of suede, patterns and kits, variegated thread and ‘cherry rolls.’

Cherrywood Fabrics uses Email Contact to send newsletters to their customers once a month.  They let their customers know about the new colorways they have developed, the new patterns and kits they have added to their inventory, and announce any promotional events and include a schedule of where they can be seen.  Karla said, “We get people signing up for our newsletter every day.  Before this, we had no means to reach out and get a message to customers spread all over the world. Not everyone can get to see us at a quilt show, and this is the best way to still provide customer service to people.”

If you would like to read more about this fascinating company, or check out their beautiful line of fabrics, visit their website, or ‘like’ them on Facebook.  Who knows, they might just have the fabric you’ve been searching for!  Cherrywood Fabrics has generously offered to send a FREE charm pack of 5” squares from their exclusive “Minnesota Bundle” to anyone who mentions the code EC412 when placing an order on Che FAB or Cherrywood Fabrics websites.

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