Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spotlight on

I just discovered a little piece of heaven on the World Wide Web, and I am going to share my discovery with you!  If you are an enthusiastic embroiderer, pay attention, because you are going to want to learn more about went online January 1 of this year.  It was created by a group of passionate, seasoned embroidery and sewing professionals.  After being involved in the embroidery and sewing industry for a combined 70 years, they decided to create the BEST embroidery design site on the web.  They created a marketplace for embroiders that offers designs from multiple digitizers, and provided digitizers with a successful platform that allows them to reach out directly to their own customers and communicate sales and specials.

We created from the ground-up to be the easiest, most user-friendly site in the industry. But this doesn't end with the consumer site. Our digitizers have access to tools that help them promote and grow their embroidery design business.” 

With over 14,000 embroidery designs, and over 500 design collections, will have what you are looking for.  You can shop by design, collection or your favorite digitizer; it’s up to you!  Not only can you buy other people’s designs, now you can sell your own unique designs.  Contact to find out how you can sell your creations to all the embroidery enthusiasts searching this website for the perfect design for their next project. uses Email Contact to reach out to their customers on a daily basis in order to let them know about the special 24 hour sale they have on a featured collection. says, “Email Contact keeps us in front of our customers and allows us to inform them of the great specials that we have.”

If you would like to learn more about, and I know you do, check out their website, or ‘like’ them on Facebook

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