Monday, October 21, 2013

Business Spotlight: Turning Twenty

We love hearing about our customers’ successes with email marketing. The folks at Turning Twenty recently shared the great success they're having with their unique Deal of the Day newsletter promotion. We're excited to share their story and hope it inspires you to use creative email marketing to your advantage!

Q: Tell us a bit about your company.

Turning Twenty (formerly FriendFolks) is a family owned and operated quilting and embroidery shop that’s been in business since 1994. We sell quilt patterns and books, hand embroidery patterns, and machine embroidery disks that we author and design ourselves, as well as many fabrics and tools for these crafts. Our Turning Twenty line has been one of the top-selling quilt patterns in the industry for over 10 years, and its success prompted us to change the name of the business this year.

Q: What is your Deal of the Day strategy? How successful has it been?

Our Deal of the Day (we call it Take It All) developed from a desire to move inventory, such as fabric, that we have decided to no longer carry. We started featuring one product each day in our newsletter and sold it at a reduced price until the inventory was gone.  We had no idea it would take off like it did!  All of our customers were so excited about it, we began receiving emails stating that they were actually sitting at their computers each day watching for our email so they could snatch up the deals before they were gone.  We sold out each day within a few minutes. So, we decided to start featuring more products in our daily deal as we have enough inventory that this could take months doing it one product at a time.  We bumped it up to five products a day and again, sold out of everything within an hour.  So, we increased it again and now we feature about 10 products a day and we still sell out quickly.  It has become a very fun process and keeps our customers engaged with us each day.  It's been so well received and so popular that we will continue featuring a daily deal even when we have sold all of the close-out products. We will just create special bundles or find unique products to offer so we can continue to please our customers.

Take It All has greatly impacted our traffic and repeat purchases. The special deals send lots of visitors to our website, which has in turn boosted engagement and sales. Some of our most loyal customers purchase something almost every day!

Q: How has Email Contact helped you with your business? Why did you choose Email Contact over other email providers?

We love Email Contact!  We decided in April to make the switch to Email Contact because the newsletter function on our own site was difficult to work with.  We chose Email Contact over others after doing much research. We found that Email Contact offered more services for a more affordable rate, and so many others in the crafting industry used Email Contact, so we knew we would have a greater choice of templates and options that would fit our needs. In the past, we sent newsletters very sporadically and now...well, we send one every day!

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