Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spotlight: Sunset Shores

We love hearing about our customers’ successes with email marketing. The folks at Sunset Shores recently shared the great success they’re having with their best email marketing tips. We’re excited to share their story and hope it inspires you to use creative email marketing to your advantage!

Q: Tell us a bit about your organization.

Sunset Shores is a unique lakeside resort offering a special brand of hospitality since 2000. We have four fully modernized cottages that we rent out to families, couples, watersports enthusiasts, group retreats, and more. In fact, a large portion of our business is hosting retreats for scrapbooking groups, quilters, artists, and other crafters. Unlike other resorts and hotels with their red tape and business-like attitudes, we strive to create a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. One way we do that is with real, down-home cooking for our guests, made from scratch with local organic produce. Regular renters get a homemade dessert delivered to their cabin every night, and we handle all catering for retreat groups. In fact, a lot of our regulars come back just for our food, and even special order it for other events. We have some customers who have made reservations with us every year since we opened, and we’re very proud to deliver the kind of getaway they’re looking for.

Q: What is your best email marketing tip or strategy?

Our strategy is to stay in touch with our customers and share our laid back lifestyle with them. That helps us build relationships and makes them want to come visit. So we use email fairly often, aiming for at least once or twice a week, and we use Facebook everyday. Between those two channels, we send out updates constantly, and they might be anything from photos of the lake to an inspirational message to stories of what’s going on in our lives or at Sunset Shores. We also offer special little deals exclusively via email, and use Facebook to drive sign-ups and collect email addresses of everyone who calls. The two channels work hand-in-hand to generate interest and reservations. With this strategy, nearly everyone on our email list eventually stays at Sunset Shores.

Q: How has Email Contact helped you with your business? Why did you choose Email Contact over other email providers?

A friend and fellow business owner recommended Email Contact when we founded Sunset Shores, and we’ve always been happy with it. As we’ve tried to modernize the business while staying true to the original vision, Email Contact has been an invaluable tool to stay in touch with customers and generate new business.

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